Tuesday 16th June

Sam's very informative presentation on darts included how the game is played - including a demonstration, and how the game is played world wide. Everyone enjoyed it! Well done Sam.

Thursday 11th June

This presentation was all about Man's Best Friend - Dogs. We learnt about all kinds of dogs, including favourite breeds, pets, guide dogs and rescue dogs. The presentation was clear and well organised.

Eve and Erin tell us about the history of music

Thank you Eve and Erin for working together so successfully to tell us about the history of music. We heard about famous names from the past including The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Queen. This was perfect timing as Year 4 are taking part in a concert with the Year 4 children from Dumpton School and singing 'I get by with a little help from my friends'.

Master Drummers from Ghana

The Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from Ghana visited school on 3rd June. Children and adults alike were inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of our visitors. Every child had the chance to play the drums and take part in an African dance workshop. A fabulous day.


Charlie impressed his audience with details of his motocross hobby. It was great to see all the safety equipment he has to wear and see photographs of him in action. He showed his peers in Year 4 how to start up the bike.

Sam tells us about FAB club.

Thank you Sam for telling us all about the ' Frenchay After Burns' children's club. A very interesting and well organised presentation. Sam is also doing a cycle ride to raise funds for this charity. We were very impressed Sam.

Lucie, Kate and Summer show us how to bake

What a lovely morning. Lucie, Kate and Summer explained how to bake and ran 'an icing competition' for members of each year group. The winners were Sophie and Sophie in Year 3. The girls decorated the tables beautifully and definitely looked the part. A very professional prsentation.

Success in the Fun Run

Many congratulations to Todd for his superb run. An unbeaten contestant in Key Stage 2! Todd, you impressed everyone who saw you run. Jack and Marteus, well done for coming second and third respectively.

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