Making a Splash in Friday Clubs!

This week in photography club, Year 3 children were trying to capture the moment that a splash is made. This required excellent teamwork and concentration! We chose strawberries because they contrasted really well with green and white backgrounds. Here are some of our photos:

Year 3 Rocks!

In science, Year 3 have been investigating rocks to see if they are permeable (water passes through them). The children tested granite, sandstone, marble, pumice, limestone, flint and chalk. We discovered that some rocks, like chalk, sandstone and pumice, were permiable. Granite wasn't permeable. At first flint appeared permeable, because the water passed through its top layer. The children made predictions before their test. They also ensured that it was a fair test by keeping the amount of water the same each time and waiting the same amount of time. Here are some of the rocks we investigated:

Fruit Batteries!

Last week in science, one of the children asked where the electricity in a battery comes from. We thought we would investigate this today, by making our own batteries out of fruit! We found out that when placed in an acid, copper gains electrons and zinc loses electrons. This generates a flow of electrons around the circuit. The acid we used came from inside a lemon, but this is the same process that happens in a battery. We had great fun, here are some of our photos! This group made nearly 3 volts of electricity from 3 lemons! The LED lit up, although very dimly! Apples and other fruits can be used as batteries too!

Photography in Friday Clubs

We were inspired by photographs taken of tiny models of people next to objects, making them look larger than life. The children took their own photos outside, trying to recreate this effect. Some of the children then used a program to edit their photographs. Here are some of the results!

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