The Iron Man Returns!

Year 4 have been reading ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. Having read the first two chapters, the children made a model of the Iron Man, working in groups and pairs to make a section each. We had to look carefully at the descriptions of the Iron Man in the book, as well as the wonderful illustrations. The finished Iron Man was over two metres tall and had eyes that lit up and changed colours – just like in the book! We then wrote newspapers about what it would have been like if the Iron Man really had come. The Iron man stands guard in our entrance hall!

Year 4 in Salisbury

Year 4 visited Salisbury Cathedral, to learn more about how our dioceses works and what bishops, priests, vicars and other members of the clergy do to guide us with our faith. Prior to visiting the cathedral, the children had learned about the history of the cathedral. When we arrived at the cathedral, we spilt into groups and were given tours by very knowledgeable guides, who pointed out some of the interesting statues and other features in the cathedral. We found out that the word ‘cathedral’ comes from the Greek word for ‘seat’, because a cathedral has the seat for a bishop. The children also took photographs as part of a photograph competition. The photographs that the children took show

Astronauts in Year 2!

Year 2 have been learning about people who made long journeys, in recent years and longer ago. The children have been looking at the journeys made by Christopher Columbus and the trip into space made by Neil Armstrong and the crew of Apollo 11. The children were tasked to make their own space helmets at home and they worked incredibly hard, researching and constructing their own designs! The children showed their space helmets to the rest of the school in whole school assembly and we were all impressed by how realistic the space helmets looked!

Year 3 Longships

Year 3 have been learning about the Vikings and the Anglo Saxons, who lived in this country hundreds of years ago, but came across the sea from other countries. Year 3 worked hard to design and construct their own Viking longships, similar to the ones that would have sailed across the North Sea to England. The children noticed that longships has decorated sails, intricately carved heads on the bow and shields hung along the sides. Each longship that the children made was similar in design, with individualised decorations, just as real Viking longships would have had. They were quite a sight when all lined up together!

Year 4 Visit to London

This year, Year 4 visited The Houses of Parliament and the Natural History Museum in London. The children were learning more about how democracy works in our country. When we arrived, we watched an amazing video about the history of democracy in the UK, on screens that went all around the room! Then we had a guided tour of parliament, seeing famous places such as the lobby and the House of Commons. We even got to see a live parliamentary debate from the visitors’ gallery! In the afternoon, Natural History Museum, the children looked for animals from the Amazon Rainforest, which they were learning about in class. We saw toucans, jaguars, capybaras and more. We also visited the Earth Gallery a

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