Robotics Club

This term, some Year 4 children have chosen to attend an after school robotics club, where they learn more about how to program robots. Our school is very lucky to have a set of Lego NXT robots, along with their programming software. The children have already written programs to make their robots move a specified amount, as well as moving and then turning around and coming back. The children all understand that good programmers write sections of the code, testing each part. This makes it much easier to spot where bugs are! Last week, the children were set the challenge of programming the robots to make use of the ultrasonic sensors, which detect distance. When the distance was smaller than a

Year 3 Learn about Nutrients

Year 3 have been learning about healthy eating and the different nutrients that our bodies need. The children have been learning how things like carbohydrate, protein and fibre are used by our bodies to help them to grow, repair and stay healthy. The class also talked about the jobs that the skeleton and muscles do in our bodies. As part of this topic, the children designed their own healthy sandwiches, which contained many of the things needed for a healthy diet. The children had to think carefully about how to make a sandwich look good, taste good and contain healthy ingredients. The resulting sandwiches were fantastic and showed how well the children had understood this science topic!

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