It's great to be different!

This week in reception we have been looking at the story of Elmer. We have been thinking about how Elmer is different to other elephants and why that makes him special. Then we thought about how we are all special in lots of different ways. It's great that we are all different because it means that we are all special!

Numicon numbers

It's been another fantastic day of learning in reception. Today the children we're introduced to numicon and were set the challenge of finding the correct numicon to match the numeral. The children are excited to continue this great work tomorrow!

Village walkabout!

Our learning about the local area and its place in the world was brought to life with a fantastic village walk. Using maps they had prepared already, the children looked out for significant landmarks such as the church and the farm. We learnt lots of amazing facts about Hampreston in the past and how it has shaped the village we see today.

Autumn crafts

In reception we have been thinking about what happens in autumn and why this time of year is special. To celebrate this we created some beautiful autumn suncatchers and we are very pleased with how they turned out!

Assault course

Today we had so much fun in reception practicing our different physical skills with an assault course. We went over, under and through obstacles and we even balanced really carefully on beams and benches.

Victorian Hampreston

This week in history Year 4 have been learning about the Victorian era at Hampreston.The children have photographed the Victorian parts of the building and looked at the school logs to learn more about that time.

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