Reception down under!

We have enjoyed learning about Australia this week. We have listened to aboriginal creation stories like the rainbow serpent, made aboriginal hand patterns and even made our own didgeridoos!

Reception in the Echo

Our first class photo will be in the echo on Tuesday. But if you can't wait till then we have a sneak peak for you!

This week in reception

We've had a fantastic week of learning in reception. We started a new story called 'Ronald the Rhino' where a Javanese rhino finds out what makes him special. The children tried really hard to sound out words to describe Ronald and his friend the leopard too! In maths we have been thinking about and making patterns; adding up by counting lots of objects and even used numicon to help find out what 1 more than a number is. The fun never ends in reception!

The Great Fire of London!

Year 2 have really enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London of 1666. We have made houses, learned about the events and written some great work. We are now in the middle of writing an exciting adventure story set during the Great Fire...


This week in reception we talked about why we wear poppies and how important it is to remember all those people who have given their lives for us. To celebrate this we created our own collage poppy wreath in the classroom. We think it looks better than the real thing!

Victorian Year 4's

In Year 4 the children really enjoyed their school trip to the Priest House Museum, where they spent the day learning all about what life would have been like as a Victorian child.

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