Lucky birds! Year 3

As part of our Science curriculum we have been learning about how animals (including humans) need different types of nutrition. Our little robin friend in Michael Morpurgo's story, 'Coming Home' was relieved that his treacherous journey had come to an end so we made him seedcakes, taking into account all the nutrients he needed.

Doublebugs and Humpty Dumpty

What a week so far! We have had great fun using doublebugs to help us to double numbers from 1 - 5. It's a bit tricky but maybe you could try it at home too? We've also been learning about nursery rhymes and have helped to put poor Humpty Dumpty back together again!

Year 4 Maths this week

This week we have been learning all about shapes and their properties including perpendicular lines, parallel lines, 90 degree angles, area and perimeters. See us in action!

Reading eggs and Mathseeds

Reception really enjoyed starting our learning journey with Reading eggs and Mathseeds this afternoon. Login details will be coming home Friday so that you can join in at home too!

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