July 17, 2017

Here is a selection of some of the art work that the children have done this year. The children throughout the school are rightly very proud of all that they have accomplished. Thank you Mrs Williams for all the art you have done with our children this year.

September 5, 2016

In Friday Clubs, children doing photography were inspired by pictures where people had pretended to be falling! We created this effect by taking photos of people acting and the turning the photos on their sides.

Here are some of our results!

May 3, 2016

This term, some Year 4 children have chosen to attend an after school robotics club, where they learn more about how to program robots.


Our school is very lucky to have a set of Lego NXT robots, along with their programming software. The children have already writ...

April 26, 2016

Year 4 have been reading ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. Having read the first two chapters, the children made a model of the Iron Man, working in groups and pairs to make a section each.


We had to look carefully at the descriptions of the Iron Man in the book, as well a...

April 26, 2016

Year 4 visited Salisbury Cathedral, to learn more about how our dioceses works and what bishops, priests, vicars and other members of the clergy do to guide us with our faith.


Prior to visiting the cathedral, the children had learned about the history of the cathedral....

April 22, 2016



This year, Year 4 visited The Houses of Parliament and the Natural History Museum in London. The children were learning more about how democracy works in our country.


When we arrived, we watched an amazing video about the history of democracy in the UK, on screens th...

November 20, 2015



In their computing lesson today, the children learned that variables are numbers in a computer program that change. We wrote algorithms on whiteboards for how a variable might work to make a timer. The children then applied their knowledge of variables to improve the...

October 13, 2015

Year 3 took photos of bubbles in Friday Photography club. The children looked carefully at the bubbles and tried to photograph the spectrum of colours that they could see.


Here are some of the photos that children took:

























October 13, 2015

In Friday photography club, Year 4 tried to capture the spectrum of light that is visible in a bubble. The children worked well in pairs and took some brilliant photographs! Here are some of them:


















September 21, 2015

This week in photography club, Year 3 children were trying to capture the moment that a splash is made. This required excellent teamwork and concentration! We chose strawberries because they contrasted really well with green and white backgrounds. Here are some of our...

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