Year 1

The transition to Year 1 is exciting and the children soon acclimatise and enjoy the demands and rewards that working in bigger groups bring. With less small group support, the children learn to become more independent with their writing and maths tasks, making use of appropriate practical support. Children start to work collaboratively and with increasing independence on mini projects. A full-time teaching assistant helps ensure that the less able are well supported and the needs of the high achievers are met.


The classroom is a large, light space and the environment is highly organised. Children are grouped according to ability but we are mindful that children develop at different rates. The groups are flexible and are open to regular review. There is a heavy emphasis on phonics in Year 1. In Year 1 we also listen to the children read three times a week. Again, parents are strongly encouraged to listen to their children read at home. A role play area with themes differing from the Reception experience is used creatively to supplement topics, especially in the autumn term.


Our school bear, Salisbury, accompanies children on their travels and photos prove him to be quite well travelled. The pyramid football festival is also popular.

The children look forward to their annual summer visit: this year they went to Moors Valley.