Curriculum Information


We teach phonics using the Little Wandle phonics scheme, based on the Letters and Sounds revised framework


We believe that an early understanding of phonics is crucial for children to learn to read and write. Over time we have tried different strategies, taking on board government guidance and cutting-edge research, and we have developed our own phonics programme, using some of the phonic play resources. We teach “synthetic phonics”. This means that we first teach letter sounds and then build up to blending, these sounds together make words we use phonics to segment words to teach spelling.

 Phonics lessons are fun, fast paced and exciting. The children are encouraged to praise each other and celebrate their successes, every step of the way.

To help your child at home you can:

Encourage children to write (shopping lists, letters, greetings cards)

Read together every day

Read signs, posters, magazines, labels, game instructions etc

Use magnetic letters on the fridge

Use bath crayons, shaving foam, pens and pencils to practise writing sounds and words

Try not to use letter names but say the letter sounds

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Anyone wishing to obtain additional information regarding the curriculum are requested to contact the relevant class teacher in the first instance