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Our History and Traditions

We are very proud of the long-standing traditions of our Christian village school.

​Harvest Festival

We celebrate Harvest every year with a service at Hampreston Church led by Year 4 children.  We traditionally raise money to support Jaiden our 'Compassion Child'.  Children present some of their Harvest gifts to our Vicar, in church which is then donated to a local food project.   This year we donated to Ferndown Community Food Bank.

​Walk to School Day

Once every term, we all meet at Haskins at 8.15 a.m. and walk to school together.  This involves crossing the fields behind the Church and is a sociable and healthy way to start our day.  On this day, children do not need to bring their lunch-boxes, as we provide and prepare a “healthy lunch” which we all sit down and enjoy together.  This also gives the children a chance to try new foods.


​Firework Fair

The PTA organise a Firework Event for children, parents, staff and members of the local community to enjoy. The evening culminates in a spectacular firework display.  It is especially lovely to welcome back many former pupils and their families.


As we celebrate the Christmas season, our Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children work together to perform a sensational Nativity play. This is a wonderful chance for them to begin flexing their performance skills. 

​Christingle Service

On the last day of the autumn term, children from across the school lead a Christingle Service at Hampreston Church, attended by the whole school and parents.  This is a very moving occasion as the children leave the church with their lighted Christingles.  Children break up for their holiday reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.    

Book Fair and Competitions 

In the spring we organise a Book Fair and children are invited to enter a competition, differentiated for each year group.  The winner from each year group can select a book of their choice as a prize

​Summer Play

This is one of the highlights of our year.  Every child in Key Stage 2 is involved in this production. A retiring collection is made at the end of each performance and the money raised is given to a local charity

​​​Quiz Night

The PTA organise a Quiz Night for our parents and friends.  This is traditionally a very enjoyable evening.  Staff are involved in setting questions and marking answers!

​Easter Service

The Easter service takes place in Hampreston Church on the final afternoon of the spring term.  This service is led by Year 4 children and parents and friends are invited to attend.  Children are presented with a palm cross as a reminder of the significance of Easter.


As part of our Easter celebrations we also have an Easter egg hunt and an Easter egg decorating competition.​

​Summer Fair

The PTA arrange a traditional Summer Fair which takes place during June   This is a real family occasion with barbecues, c a tug-of-war, a gymnastics display and a range of other attractions.  We welcome back many families and former pupils.


​Leavers’ Service

On the last day of the summer term, our Year 4 leavers lead worship.  This is a very moving occasion and celebrates the time the children have spent at Hampreston School.  Each Year 4 leaver rings the bell for the last time at the end of the service. Year 4 parents are invited to attend.

Pancake Race

Each Year 4 child participates in this annual race which takes place along the church drive.  Mr. Williams rings the bell to signal the start of each heat and the final. Children flip their pancakes three times en route and the winner is presented with a magnificent shield.


In 1986 the BBC launched an ambitious project to record a snapshot of everyday life across the UK for future generations. A million volunteers took part, here is the entry for our school;


The school was originally housed in a thatched cottage about 2 miles from it's present site.The local vicar requested a day school as well as the existing Sunday School. In 1874 the school moved to Hampreston.  Housed in what was once the caretaker's house,  there is a kitchen area and 2 bedrooms used for storage. 


The school has 74 pupils and 3 full time teachers.The children's education begins at four and a half and at the  age of nine they leave the school. As a church school either the vicar or the curate visits the school weekly. The Parents Association have given the school a video, climbing frame and music centre. Parents may attend the first lesson each day with their children. Mothers help teach cookery and sewing

Our school was built in 1874 and we have logbooks kept by previous head teachers dating back to 1863. A former parent at the school, Mrs Roughton, kindly typed up these logbooks and they are available for you to read via the link below.

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