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Year 3

As children transition into Key Stage 2, they move to the oldest part of the school and have increased access to the new library and ‘the hub’. Here they meet the challenges head on as they begin the journey towards middle school. 


The children predominantly work in mixed-ability groups and a full-time teaching assistant helps ensure that the needs of all children are met. We listen to the children once a week through 1:1 reading and reading lessons.


Children are encouraged to produce sustained pieces of work of ever-increasing quality. There is a focus on encouraging independence in Year 3 which ultimately gets them ready for year 4 and middle school. The children enjoy the opportunity to experience a more formal learning environment as they progress through the school, getting ready to earn their pen license. In addition to reading, learning spellings and timetables, children are expected to complete one formal homework task weekly. 

The children in Year 3 begin learning the roles and responsibilities that come with being at the top of the school early on, learning from the Year 4 children and engaging with more school-wide activities. They join Year 4 in the choir stalls during our three annual services in the church. 

The annual visit in the Autumn term to Leeson House proves very popular

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